hello. Nice to meet you) My name is Summer and I want to tell you (the Internet) the story of my life, what I do on a daily basis, what are my thoughts and emotions. I always wanted to be that type of person who does something interesting… I believe we all do (not that anyone would read it). When I was younger me and my friend wanted to make a movie. Then we decided to make a show, then movie again. We even started writing a script))) Can you imagine what an incredible movie it would be? haha…

Obviously, all of the tries to become cool and popular failed and we stopped. Well, they did. I didn’t. I made myself a YouTube channel! It was such an amazing time of my life that I constantly think about it, even now when it’s been 2 years already since I uploaded a video. YouTube is a very hard thing to do: you have to come up with new ideas, record a video of a descent quality, edit that video, make a lot better, make a custom thumbnail and then the upload which can take 2 hours!

And I failed again. I don’t think you can become somebody without fails and down moments. I believe you have to earn everything in this world, nothing happens just like that, with no purpose. Having that thought in mind for many years, I tried to figure out who I wanted to be when grow up. I thought and thought. An idea came to me only after I have read many articles and books about finding yourself. All of then told me to relax and think of what I loved doing in the past, when i was a little kid. And here it is! An idea, an angel right in front of my eyes… I WANT TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER.

Now, I know, I know how it may sound, but trust me, I’m down for it. In few weeks I’m finishing design courses and everything’s gonna be awesome. You can have a look at some of my sketches and say something in the comments (if they’re available cuz I haven’t understood how this thing works, sorry).

So, yeah, I believe that’s it for now, I’ve already said (or wrote) a lot more than thought to.

Thank you so much for reading this! whoever you are, I love you♥g4gpzszo1yy



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