I have a lot of things to think about: family, friends, studying, love and just my life in general. I’m sure you think of that either. And sometimes I feel like I’m doing something wrong. For example, right now I need to sit and do my homework. Instead, I write in here))) That’s alright, I’ll finish that later. Don’t worry)

Like you did..haha

There are so many awesome things in this world! The nature, for instance. Have you noticed that we become nicer while surrounded by the beautiful and wonderful Mother Earth? When I’m in forest, at lake of next to the river I fall in love, instantly. I become a part of everything, an integral something which will always stay there (or here).

When I studied at school I kept thinking if I’m gonna need all of that in my life. It turned out that I won’t. Now, as I’m at the Uni, I still have some thoughts on that. I wrote in my previous blog that I want to be a Designer of clothes. What I’m studying at the University is international economics. Can anyone say that I need it? Cause I’m seriously thinking of dropping it to concentrate on my career.

But, on the other hand I do realize that education is a very important par of us and our life. There are people who I know who don’t go to the Uni because of their work or they have other reasons. So here is one question: why enrolling in there in the first place?

I hope you understand what kind of people I’m talking about.

There’s another thing that I think about. It’s my family. I have an amazing relationship with my mom and dad. But not with my other relatives. We see each other once a half a year (tops) and don’t really communicate which is really bad. It’s not like the worst thing in the world, but still. I would be happy to know what they are up to, what they usually do.

What are the things that you usually think of?

Thank you so much for reading till the end! And no matter who you are, I love you♥

P.S. Don’t mind the mistakes, I’m not English))

P.P.S. All pics made by me (or my dad).



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