I’ve had a lot of stupid (or better say confusing) situations in my life. For 18 years of experience my body and my mind had done soooo much!

I’d better start from the end (cause otherwise I’m gonna forget it). So, today started quite badly: I overslept. You know how it can happen: the night before you thought that you’ve set the alarm, then you fall asleep and then your mom comes into your room to wake you up at almost 10 o’clock (cause she forgot that you’ve planned something for today) and then you’re “OMFG WTF How much time is it now?!” And she’s like “oh it’s 10 dear” And you’re like “aaaaaa”. And then you start running like chicken without her head cause you’re already half an hour late!

So that’s basically, well exactly, what happened today. Funny, right? Writing now I’m like haha in my head, but this morning it wasn’t anywhere close to funny. But, everything went fine, I came to the class (design, last one, so sad), what’s funny is that basically I’m almost the only one who really works there. Almost, because we have this girl (yes I like throwing a little bit of shade on people, but it’s not like she doesn’t really know that I do it, cause I’m the type of person who tells, if things are wrong) who comes to the class and literally sits there doing NOTHING. Like, why? Your parents pay money for it, why do you just sit here and listen to music, she doesn’t even listen what the teacher says! OMG. Ok, sorry, got a little bit angry, but like, why???

After the class I went home and started thinking of the make up that I’m gonna do on the models (which are my friends) to show my collection (of which I think I talked about in my 1st blog). And it got a little crazy. Sometimes I like to do myself like a terrible make up , like the worst. It didn’t get that far today, but it still looked quite wretched. We all do stupid things, am I right?

And then, ok, pre story. I was really upset when my previous blog post didn’t get many likes, and I didn’t know why, so, at 10 p.m. today I realized that I simply didn’t tag it! How stupid of me… Basically, this was how the post idea came to me.

Now, to the juicy part.

When I was in 7th grade I had a boyfriend. He was my first ever boyfriend, I was really excited to have one. He probably started liking me cause we sat together at one of the classes, I just liked him cause he was very cool. So, he came to me and told he adored me, I felt so amazing! We started kinda dating. But since I didn’t realize how to behave, I just started stalking him! I sat with him on every class, I called him every day, I said ‘hello’ a million times a day (he counted, and I remember it once was over 20), I said ‘I love you’ so many times! Like crazy, but not like cute crazy, like real, all in psycho! hahaha. But he probably wasn’t laughing at it.

As we meet now, we remember it with smiles, but it was stupid of me to behave like that. I’ve learnt the lesson and I don’t do it now)))

What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done in your life? Share your secret, if not, just hit the ‘like’ botton down below and I’ll be very happy. See you in my next post,

Love you,

bye (I always struggle spelling this word!, how stupid)

P.S. sorry for such a long one.




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