I’m not saying that I’m already out of ideas, not, but I’m really worried.

I used to have a YouTube channel (well, I still have it, but I haven’t uploaded anything for like half a year). I loved it, I really adored making videos, I even enjoyed editing them. But the time flew and nothing happened, my channel didn’t evolve, it didn’t gain hundreds of views. I obviously was very upset. I understood that probably I need to have better content (although some people said that it’s very good).

And I sat thinking. New ideas just didn’t want to come. I was simply out of them. My content became really bad. And then I stopped it. I tried it again some time later, but I didn’t have any good and “boom”-like ideas to kinda break the Internet and become awesome YouTuber. Not that I hoped to become one, but still.

There are some people who say to me that videos very cool and original, that they like the whole feel of the channel. That’s what I have to say, I’m out of video ideas.

So, here’s why I’m saying all that: I’m afraid that the very same situation will happen in here, on this blog. I really do not want it to happen. It’s hard to provide interesting content, which will be appealing both to me and to you. That’s why I’m worried.

In conclusion, I’d love to say that if you’re starting something, you shouldn’t be afraid of what is gong to happen, be just like me, drown in it and then look for the safety jacket))

With all the love in my heart,


P.S. Comment 10 things that you love about yourself))

P.P.S. That’s me, hello❤Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


2 thoughts on “ideas

  1. As someone on the verge of starting up a YouTube channel, yes, it’s hard to maintain creativity. But I’ve also learned that creativity is annoyingly fickle, so one almost has to get on some kind of disciplined schedule of activities. That way, when creativity decides to show up, you’ve already got something going. At least that’s how I got my blog going.

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