You know there are those when you’re just not feeling it? They don’t happen really often but when they come, all you wanna do is just lay down and do nothing. As any normal human, I also have those days.

I can’t stay home a lot, I still have to go to the University sometimes. To get to the Uni I have to use subway. When I see a young man standing up so that a woman could have a seat, or when a young girl lets an old man have her seat, I instantly feel better. A lot better.

Or when I see a lot of people talking to each other and having a great time! It’s such an amazing thing. Do you remember the feeling of having fun with friends or family? Isn’t it awesome? It makes me wonder: maybe, our world is not that bad? Maybe, it’s actually amazing and awesome?

I feel like there are so many question marks here in this post))) Oh well, that’s me. I question myself a lot. Nice to meet you)

I remember not too long ago I was coming back home quite late. It was like 11 o’clock or something (evening obviously). I was at the subway station waiting for a train and noticed a man who definitely wasn’t feeling very well. Then he started reeling. I started coming up to him and the next thing I remember is him falling down. The strangest is that no one seemed to notice. So I went to the policeman who was there (at the station) and told him what happened. And only then people started noticing the man, called an ambulance and everything ended fine.

What I have to say is BE NICER. Be more carrying because your actions may save someone’s life one day.

Thank you so-so much for reading this post, you know I love you)

Alright, bye-bye)

P.S. Finally know how to spell the b y e word!blog





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