As any human I dream. But as a special kind of human, I dream a lot. No, like really A LOT. ‘What are you dreaming about?’ you ask. I have to say there are many and more things. First of all, as any ‘girly’ girl, I dream about a boy. Just someone. It doesn’t have to be someone real, just one, with who I’ll feel like a girl, you know?

That’s that. I also dream about my future. I imagine what I’ll be like, what clothes I’m gonna wear, who I’ll be with,  where I’ll live.

As for me, it’s so interesting. I mean picturing something in your head, then doing stuff, and then getting that in real life. Obviously, it’s the best feeling in the world! The feeling of getting things which you’ve wanted for a very long time.

Those who know me, are aware of that I’m in love with America (USA to be precise). And I simply cannot imagine myself, the expression on my face while landing in there! Wow, it’s gonna be strange))


What is your wildest dream?

I have 3 huge dreams. First one is, as you know by now, is America (be there, travel, meet new people, live…). Second one is travelling. Now, I have a specific travel dream of which I’ll tell you now:

Not very long time ago me and my parents were watching a TV programme about a group of friends who bought cars and went to Asia from, I believe, Paris (I might be wrong). I thought that was such a fascinating idea so I figured ‘I wanna do it too’. But I want to do it in a slightly different way. I want to gather all of my closest friends, take few Defenders (it’s a car which apparently can survive everything) and drive from Europe all the way through Himalayas to either Hong-kong or Beijing. Even thinking about it makes me shiver!

My third dream is to open a restaurant or a bar. But not just a bar. One above the clouds! Quite some time has passed since we moved to the building where we live now. It has 27 floors. As you can imagine it’s quite high. And I thought how amazing it would have been if I opened a bar on the top floor. The view is spectacular. There are only a few of those bars in the whole world, so that’s a good idea))


So that is it as for ma cray-cray dreams. Hope you won’t forget to answer the main question:

What is your wildest dream?

Comment down below the answer, please) Maybe you have some thoughts on that point, so please let me know)

You know I love you,



2 thoughts on “what are your dreams?

  1. мне очень нравится как ты чувственно и ярко это все описываешь.. читаю аж сама перенимаю все твои эмоции.. *-*

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