So I decided tht I wanted to become a normal blogger and found in here few tips on how to do it. Is is called Writing 101; build a blogging habit and to be honest, I’m really excited about those 20 days of everyday writing.

For the 1st day the instructions are: write for 20 minutes non-stop. I doesn’t matter what to write about, Or if it’s nonsence. I just have to write.

To be fair, I don’t know what to write. It is hard to concentrate and come up with something good and interesting but I’ll try.

As for today I decided to write about my school. I graduaed not very long time ago, so I remember how everything was like.

During the first 4 years (primary school) I was a very cry-loving girl. I sobbed evry single day. Anyone could upset me. Maybe that was becouse I did’nt know how to behave when a person makes fun of you, or maybe cause I simply had no idea who these people were. But then I made friends) And everything started coming to normal. I mean, I stopped crying all the time. And people stopped making fun of me. I’m saying that I was bullied at school, no, it’s just kids are different and some are stronger, others are weak. OK. When I made friends, everything became nice and sweet. A good friend tought me how lough at jokes which were about me. It was a very good lesson. Since then I haven’t sryed becouse of bullies.

In the middle school (I have to say here that I don’t really remember what I was doing in middle school, is this normal?) everything was fine, I made friends, had my first boyfriend (I told about hom in my previous blog post).

Studying in high school was quite interesting (as it normally is). I have to say that I’m that kind of person who falls in love really quickly, so during the last few years I pretty much liked almost everyone in my class (weirdo). At that time I also started a YouTube channe which was a strange thing and nobody really understood why I did it. So yeah, that’s that) My school adventured (not really).

Thank so much for reading (maybe till the end)! I appreciate that)

I know it’s not really interesting, but the instructions say that I have to publish it, so if you don’t like it, sorry)

love you,



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