Good day everyone!

Today I’m telling (or typing) how I didn’t get a medal at school. I’m sorry for writing about school again, but it had been a big part of my life (11 years all in all). If you dislike school and everything connected, feel free to read my other posts))

So, let’s begin… Gold (or silver) medal had been my dream for probably 7 years. Since I got in a middle and up until 11th grade. To get it I had to score only excellent marks during in 10th and 11 classes. I thought it would be easy. But it wasn’t. Not because lessons were hard, or I had problems with homework, or test and quizzes were impossible to solve, no. Because of money and also, probably, because of human factor.

Quite a long time ago I had a food poisoning while in summer camp where we were with my class teacher and (obvy) my class. And since then I’ve had a bad relationship with my class teacher. It was not very bad and terrible but still, it wasn’t good either.

So when it got to the point when me and mom had to go to her and tell that we want a medal and that I can do it, she was like ‘ok’.

The year passed by and when teachers were telling us our marks, they were all like ‘I didn’t even know that you were to get a medal!’ I was pissed. Of course now I understand that the teacher didn’t have to tell others that I will try to take a medal, but… a normal person would.

This was one reason of not getting a medal. There’s another one. All my school years I’ve spent in a very good school, it is prestigious and cool. And because of that some bad things were happening. It was not public in any sence yet every single person knew that you had to pay a certain amount of money to get a medal, you did not have to (if you’re for example a genius (we had those)). So I didn’t want to pay, I just think it’s terrible and disgusting to pay for a medal or a thing for which other people work their ass out! And thats why I really didn’t get it.

Anyway, I like how everything is going in my life right now and the medal would not change it. And the lesson that I learned is that you only should rely on yourself in this life, if you really want something, then go get it or make it happen, do not wait for someone to hand that to you!

Thank you so very much for reading))

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Who finished that before reading ‘gossip girl’?)))

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