Beauty. What is it? Is it something we know, something we can only picture or maybe we all have never experienced anything beautiful? What did you picture in your head?

One can think about a Victoria Secret model, other can picture a stinning view (mountains covered in forests, just saying), all the others can think of something completely different.

So is there anything,are there any boundaries in beauty? My asnwer is – NO. There is none.

The woman in her 20th trying to raise a child by herself is beautiful, a man struggling to study math is beautiful, a girl plaing soccer is beautiful, a boy playing dolls is beautiful.

Stop hatin’, start lovin’!


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6 thoughts on “briefly..

  1. I like that you approached the question of ‘what is beauty’, it sparks me to think about ‘who can experience beauty’. It may be a side effect of where you are in your life and what you can attract. So at different levels of spiritual awareness and development, different things manifest as beautiful. I think the source idea of this blog was ‘beautiful’.

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