Who do you call a friend? A person who’s there for you every time, a person who helps you, who you laugh with every time you see each other?

Today I am writing of someone who entered my life a very long time ago, but yet I got to know her only now.

We met when we were 6 years old each and the reason to that is school. We were chatting all the way through it, but never really became friends. Then I enrolled in a University. I later found out that she did too. Right away I wanted her to get in so that we studied together. And we did. We’re studying in one department, and although we are in different groups , we still hang out.

She is a person who I am really comfortable with, we always have things to talk about, laugh at etc. It’s safe to say that we have a ‘gang’ (there are other girls too). It feels great to have a friend.

I’ll change her name, if you don’t mind) Let’s say her name is Nancy.

Nancy is a tall young woman, with long hair, beautiful eyes and spectacular, white smile. She IS beauty. She likes nice clothes, her fashion sence is incredible. Nancy is very smart. She enjoys reading books, interesting articles. She loves to travel (who doesn’t?), the girl is outgoing, always ready to party! She is fun and, actually, it feels very cool to hang out with her!)

I feel like her future is going to be outstanding. To be honest, I always feel this way if it’s about my friends, but still. She’s gonna rock the world, gonna travel places and look for the new bits and pieces for her business.

So tha’s that. I’ve tried to describe my friend as hard as I could. I hope it’s not bad)

Share some thoughts, please)

love you



By the way, it’s so nice and snowy in here)  Here’s a pic.

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


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