Her name was Helen, his name was Joe.

They met at the gala where she was drinking fancy wine and he was just waiting for coats. When the party was getting till the end, she went to the restroom and met him, at first she thought he was a rich man who simply didn’t care how he looked like. But then he spoke,

‘Hello, madame. Do you need any help?’

‘No, thank you,’ Helen replied with a bit of disappointment in her voice.

After she came back, she told everything to her girlfriends who she was with and they didn’t find anything interesting in the meeting. All they said was,

‘OK, and?’

Helen knew she always over thought things, she adored a young man, but there was one thing putting her off : he is a cloakroom man. She was a girl who’s used to money, luxurious things, cars and yachts. But he had such a lovely smile…

The Gala was over and everyone went home. They met again when she was getting her coat, but nothing interesting happened.

Few days passed and their lives didn’t differ from those before the party.

‘Hey, yes Derick, I’ll be there, ok, bye,’ said Joe to his best friend and hung up. He knew he had to go to work to some other party, catering now, but he hated it so much. He hated all those filthy people, covered in gold but having nothing in their heads, those people who he had to smile to, work for just because he had no money to pay for college. All his life he worked real hard on every job, but never had enough money to even buy some new clothes, not even mentioning a pair of Levi’s or Converse he had always loved. Why even dreaming about Uni?

He packed up, took his trusty suit and went to another party held by some rich guy from the Wall Street.

‘Oh, sorry,’ said some girl to him as he stumbled upon her in the hallway.

‘That’s alright,’ he answered and actually felt like he knew her, he knew they’ve met already.

While he was thinking, he went into a restroom, changed and went to ask the manager if he needed some help.

‘Yes, sure, go grab some of those huge plates and start circling around the building, there are only a few guests, but still.’

And he did. He started offering those Finger Sandwiches to everyone. By 8 p.m. the number of guests increased and the number of sandwiches declined. Because of that he decided to go and grab new plates filled with other food. On the way to kitchen he, again, ran into that same girl.

‘Oh man, I’m so terribly sorry!’ he said.

‘Oh my God, what have you done! Oh no! Look at my dress now!’ Helen furiously yelled as he toppled over her dress all the leftovers he had on a plate.

‘Let me help you, I can sort it out, please,’

‘Okay, let’s go,’

And they went to a spare bathroom with ‘stuff only’ sign.




To be continued…or not)

Depends on the voices in my head)))

Thank you for reading this) Hope you loved it, that was my first time writing something alike, so I really hope it’s alright.

love you, truly,



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