Happy New Year!

This year has been the one of fresh starts, especially the last few months. The most important one is the blog. I’ve always wanted to start one and a few moths ago I actually did it. When doing something like that you need to know that you’ll have to spend time on it, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to it. Now I’m only learning and hopefully, next year I’m going to write in here more often.

I feel like a lot of us do a list of new years’ resolutions. I also think not all stick to those. I myself never do. But I still make the lists because in someway they make me feel better and even if I never really follow those, they make me a little better anyways.

In few hours me and my family are celebrating the New Year. In every home people will gather together to meet the 2017 and eat A LOT. In my country we usually have the New Year as an important family holiday, differed from the US and Europe.  As for me family is very important as they are probably the only people who never wish bad for you and are always supportive.

Gatherings always come with food, feasts I’d rather say. Every time we have a table covered in different plates of many dishes. People asked Chuck Norris ‘How many push ups can you do?’ He answered ‘All of them.’ On our table the situation is practically the same: How many dishes can you make on a family meal? – All of them! 🙂

But there’s one and only dish which is always there, it is the most incredible one, cooked only on special occasions. The perfect thin crispy pancakes with cottage cheese inside, served with sour creme and honey or jam. But you know what? They taste incredible alone, as you bite in then, you are transported into the paradise, heaven, you just can’t have enough.

Oh wow. Writing all that makes my mouth water!


Here’s a recipe I’ve found for you, I haven’t tried it tho, but the author says it’s good. Well, it’ll never be as good as at my familys dinners))

Thank you so much for reading) Hope you loved it, or maybe it made your mouth water too)

Love you


Oh. And Happy New Year!!!!!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. It is interesting that there is concensus around the world that 2016 was atough year, however I like the light spin you put on things. Enjoy your family and your holiday traditions, it shines through in your writing and allows others to share a pleasant moment when reading. Thanks and havea great new year….

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