I am from Kijiv, Ukraine. It is a very big and great city, with thousands of years of history, but today I’m gonna tell a little story which is now a part of that history.

I was born in a small town in the eastern part of Ukraine, but shortly after the birth me and my mom were back to Kijiv (or Kiev, which is the other way of spelling it). My parents bought this tiny flat in one of the sleeping regions and we moved. All of my childhood I’ve spent in an apartment which contained of: 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom and one room. This room was a sleeping room, a living room and an office for the four of us: my parents, me and our dog (she definitely didn’t use the office part)).

I cannot say that life there was easy. It was tough because I was growing and was constantly in need of a private space, as well as my parents. I don’t think you can imagine how it is like to live with your parents in one room when you are a teen if you’ve never experienced that. I am really glad to my parents that they are normal and huge fights didn’t happen that often.

Despite all of bad which happened in the apartment, I loved it. As any normal family we had good moments either. In fact, the number of those was huger than the number of bad ones.

The reason why I say all of that in the past tense is that we have moved a few years ago. And now we are a much happier family. Only after the move my parents and I understood the importance of privacy and space. We dreamed about a bigger space for many years, we pictured it in our heads, talked about it, imagined our life there. We believed. And it happened. We bought an apartment which is much bigger. A lot of hard work was put into it and now it looks perfect (well, almost).

So, I wish all of you who are unhappy with where you live (it can either be space, surrounding or people) to finally find a place where you think you’ll be happy, buy it (rent it, keep it whatever) and be genuinely happy there. I really mean it because I know it can be hard and tough.

Thank you for reading) Feel free to share your story in the comments or maybe you have shared it on your blog. If so, please send a link))

Love you,



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