What would you do? Day whatever

I always try to step up for people, try to defend children and women (and men sometimes), if they are being bullied, beaten etc.

During my school years I’ve helped many little guys to defend themselves. They were treated badly and I stepped in. I was either alone or with my friends. Once, we saw a little girl crying in the lockers area. We came up to her and asked what was going on. She said it was a teacher who didn’t seem to care about the girl, she (the teacher) told the little girl to go out of the class without understanding what was going on. We (my friend and I) went to this stupid teacher and made her listen the girl. After that she realized her mistake and punished a person who had to be punished.

I know it all may sound like we used power or something, but I sware we didn’t. We just nicely asked. And that’s it. Sometimes it’s enough.

But there was one time when I did nothing. I wish I did. It was not a long time ago, at my building. I don’t know if I mentioned it yet or not: I live in a multiple apartment house. A lot of people live here. And of course things happen, bad things (rarely, very rarely).

So, I was walking my dog (I do have one, he’s very nice and cute), as any normal human I was wearing headphones. He did all he had to do, and we going to go home. On our way there we saw two people running. Grown ups. My first thought was ‘oh, it’s so sweet!’ Then, as we went into the building, I took headphones off and understood right away what was going on.

‘You, bitch, drunk again. Are you that stupid? What the f@#$ you’ve been doing all night? Having fun with your sister? She is just as bitchy as you are.’ – he said. (bang).She fell.

‘Stop that! Are you insane?!’ – another woman was yelling. That was probably the sister he was talking about.

‘Step away, I’m calling the police, why are you doing that?!’ – said the woman laying on the ground.

I just stood there not knowing what to do, with my dog, paralyzed.

I went to the elevators and pushed the button. Waiting for the lift I was thinking why the man at the lobby did nothing. We hired people, special people, like security, to protect our building. Why the hell he did nothing?!

It so happened that I was lifting up with those two people. He was furious. She was drunk and scared. When I came back home, I told everything to my parents and they suggested not to call the police. I didn’t.

All I’m hoping is that the sister called the forces and this whole story ended well.

It is real. Not fiction.

Thank you so much for reading.

What would you do?

love you all,






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