Dear Summer,

I am Summer. I live in the best country in the world, America. And yet I (or better say we) have problems. They are not serious, but still.

First of all, almost all of your thoughts about America are wrong. I know you think it is amazing,and I also know that you understand that even though it’s a country of opportunities, one has to work hard to success. It is not wrong, but it’s not all you need to know.

Secondly, I haven’t made any friends yet. I do know people, but there’s no one I really want to spend time with or hang out. I wish here was someone with whom I could speak normally, with no mask or any terrible thoughts. I wish I was back home.

You think that you cannot find ‘the one’ because you do not belong in the country you live in? No, that’s not the case. Here’s nothing (or no one) to catch. You think people are better here, nicer. Turns out, they’re not, they just like to smile.

I hope I will find someone. Still loving the country, tho.

With love,



This is the letter which I hope I will never receive. These thoughts are the ones which I have sometimes. I’m anxious. America has been a country of my dreams since I was a little girl and those dreams can break, shatter into a tough reality. I’m afraid of those things I just mentioned. Really. The only way I can break the frights is to go there, visit America and experience it all.

Thank you so much for reading)

With love,



8 thoughts on “foreigner

  1. Real life, day by day, is more prosaic than dreams. But You must remember that every day is the magic one and it’s implementable to work wonders. Regardless of the place of residence.

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  2. Don’t be afraid of America. If this country is your dream, you need to check it out. You will find your place and new friends. You will see the places you dreamed about so long. In one day you will meet a good guy. Follow your dream, fly away, travel. And you will find yourself. And in the end you will be happy.
    Lots of love♥

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