Sometimes I think how our life would be if we had no holidays, zero events and no fun. Can you imagine that? I feel like we all need some time to rest, to change our environment, to have some FUN. I’m not saying that I need it daily, no, but still it is very important.

Friends are a very big part of our life. They are the family that you chose. They are people who are a perfect match for you. And you need to cherish them. We all do. People without friends are more likely to lose their minds or be depressed. Ain’t nobody go time for that))) (Old one, but I still got the giggles)

There are introverts, people who do not enjoy gatherings, who hate when there are many people around. I understand them. But they still need some company, a friend, who will help if needed.

So, imagine a life which only consists of work, eating (alone) and sleeping. No events, no parties, no friends around, zero fun. Do you like what you see?

I don’t. I need fun. I’m not a person who enjoys clubs or things like that, I’m someone who loves chatting, telling jokes etc.

Don’t take it away.


Thanks a lot for reading, hope you enjoyed)

Love ya,




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