In my family we take things seriously. And by things I mean ‘things’. You know, material objects without life and consciousness. And sometimes it’s way too serious.

I am a very easy and chill human, so when my parents tell me that I forgot to turn off the player (music or TV) and tell me that it is very extremely super bad, I do not get it. Well, I do, but as for me it’s not a big deal. I would understand if it was something important I forgot and that something is going to break now and we’re gonna have to spend a ton of money to fix it. But, no. I just forgot to turn it off. What’s the problem?

So, as you understood by now, I take things easy. And when I lose something not that important, I don’t bother much. I always think about my friend who had her computer stolen. First, it was expensive, second, she had all her life on there. And when she was telling me the story, she was so chill and relaxed like nothing happened. Maybe, that’s a very strange way to act, but it is awesome. When nothing can get you. I admire that in people.

On the other hand, even though I like it in others, I don’t have it in me. If that story happened to me, I would have acted differently.

I remember when someone stole my phone (it actually happened twice to me). I was at school on the prom rehearsal. I left my phone on a chair and went singing. apparently, a woman came to the music hall, saw my phone and just took it. I was so sad and furious about it. My parents came, we went to the police station, wrote a paper for them to start searching for it. At that time I thought I will never see it again. And you know what? They found it! That woman who took it had to be a new teacher or manager in our school. Well, she failed an intervie, so to say. Haha.

What would you do if you found a box full of someones belongings? Full of pictures, bits and pieces looking at which you understood that it used to be important to someone. Would you make it your goal to find an owner or would you just leave it as it is? Type in the comments down below))

Thanks a lot for reading) I really appreciate it)

Love you always)


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14 thoughts on “Lost and found

  1. I found a passport. It was just lying on a sidewalk. I opened it and found a piece of paper with phone number. Later I called and learnt that the passpot’s owner is lost and police is searching for him. In the end, he was found.

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  2. I’m like you. I ALWAYS forget to turn off the bathroom lights and get yelled at. It seems so pointless to me.
    I swear if I had my computer or something stolen, I’d give up on life. I cant stand having something taken away from me, its not like I have much anyway, you know? So everything that I have has a lot of value.
    I found a guy’s wallet twice. Once at a tourist spot and the other time, in college. I actually spent half my day (both times) in finding that person and handing back their wallets. Made me feel proud. :3

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