There are many things in this world which may cause fear. They all are different. As well as fears, as well as people. Some may find a huge bill the worst thing of all, some are afraid of society, some think that the worst in the world is the system which we all live in.

What about me? I am afraid of many of them. Most of all I am afraid of death. Not the ‘creature’ with a hood and a scythe. I am talking about the unknown. Nobody on this planet knows what happens when our soul leaves us, or (if we have no soul) when we make our last breath.

I am terribly afraid of heights (as many people). I remember we once were on the cool thing called ‘High Ropes’. It is an attraction where there are sticks of wood hanging high above the ground and you have to walk on them. high-ropes-courseBasically, it is scary and hard. So these things were 12 m above the earth and I had to walk. Of course we had the security  ropes holding us. Despite that I couldn’t. I just was not able to do it, I was crying, I was acting really childish, I was sobbing, people were helping me. But I still went through. I had an option to just go down, back to the stable ground. ‘No’ – I said. And did it. I was really proud of myself.

I cannot say I’ve overcome my fear. But now living on 24th floor is so much easier))

As a human living in a society of perfect others I am also afraid to say something weird (it doesn’t stop me sometimes tho). This specific one is quite easy to overcome. As for me, I feel a lot more comfortable with close friends, with family members.

Don’t be shy and share your fears down here, please) Maybe you have a story of making a fear your b*tch (when you are no longer afraid, I mean))

Thank you so much for reading this post) The reason why I haven’t been posting every other day lately is because I HAVE STARTED WORKING ON MY COLLECTION!!


Love you


❤ ❤ ❤



24 thoughts on “fears

  1. You’re off to a great start! I think your post was great and appealing to your readers. Keep it up. If you have some time, maybe you could visit or follow my website. Thank you fellow blogger! 🙂

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  2. I have a weird relationship with fear and death in particular. Sometimes I feel like death won’t really make a difference in people’s lives but sometimes I hate that death is inevitable. But maybe I fear myself more. This led me back to my post called What Are We Afraid Of and the younger me who wrote it was optimistic, something I’m not anymore. That’s why I kind of fear myself.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing! I feel like we all are afraid of ourselves at some point. We can change, do something bad, think bad things. Or never have desire to do something with our lives. But, I believe we are musters of our lives and we can change everything. 🤗🤗🤗

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  3. I have a lot of fears, I don’t know where to begin. But sometimes, my mind is flooded by paranoid scenarios and I’m scared of everything. Although, I’m mainly the cause of the problem. So I’m trying to enjoy life more. Being more carefree I think. Honestly, I’m not good at it and I still suffer sometimes. Mainly now because my life sucks a lot lately. But that’s another story…

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    • It happens to me sometimes, especially if my headphones are in and the music is too loud I start to think something is going on behind my back and I look back and no one is there, yet I still feel something! Don’t worry about your life right now, i’m sure it won’t be bad for long, in a month, or in a week even, it’ll be great again))) thanks a lot for sharing)) ❤ have a good day 🌈🍀💐🌺

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      • I try not to worry so much… but I think I don’t trust life fully yet. You know, when something happens, it’s exactly the thing that needed to happen. But yesterday, I had an accident on a bike. I’m fine, just a few blood bruises but suddenly I’m in that circle of thoughts again. I don’t know… maybe I’m still young and not mature enough. Have a good day too 🙂

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        • Those thoughts you have visit a lot of people who are fully grown and are adults. So it doesn’t depend on your age) I think it has to do with the phase of your life) so don’t worry, good and bright days will come you’ll remember that with a smile)))😊 I’m there)))))

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