Thoughts in the bath

Please don’t think about it as of Jenna Marbles’ one. I am not trying to copy anyone.

Hey. I am actually in the bathtub right now and wanted to share some thoughts. 

I’ve been sitting here and even though it is supposed to be very relaxing and super nice, I still couldn’t let go : my phone, my iPad, my music and the thoughts. So instead of forcing myself into relaxation mode, I decided to just let it in. So, I went here on the WordPress and started typing (and thinking, cause without that it would just be hfodjneskdn)). 

Why do we need to do stuff? I am a type of person who does things, even though it might not seem this way, I do stuff, I’m thinking, man, get the hell outa here! Hahah 

But really. Why can’t we relax and just enjoy the moment. I know a lot of people who are constantly on their phones texting scrolling and chatting. And sometimes it drives me crazy. Those who know me say I’m weird and a child who should have been born in the last century, but really, man, we are here, your friends are right in front of you, let go of the phone, stupid! Haha (But really tho)

Or when it’s a trip. I know many people who just make a stupid selfie with the background of the ‘cute trees’ and then continue scrolling Instagram feed. What was the point of going on the trip anyways? Man

I cannot read when I’m on the plane or on the train or in the car (going places basically). I am just flying amongst those ‘cute trees’, I am the wind going high above the ground, I am star watching you, I am all. I enjoy it. With my every muscle, with every single part of my body and my soul (I do believe it exists). 

I am certain that a book can cause those feelings and emotions, but it will be the ones of  an talented author instead of yours.
Thank you for reading my thoughts) I really enjoyed whiting that sort of thing)) leave a comment down below saying what are your deep thoughts which float up in the bathtub))

Love y’all.




46 thoughts on “Thoughts in the bath

  1. ” I am the wind going high above the ground, I am star watching you, I am all. I enjoy it. With my every muscle, with every single part of my body and my soul”

    This is beautiful. I can definitely relate to this.

    Since I live five minutes away from the beach (by foot), I deeply find solace and peace watching the waves or floating with them, while looking at the afternoon sky. That may be considered as my bathtub. Not only thoughts linger when I float, memories also play themselves like a film being previewed in my brain. Eventually, I have epiphanies. I listen to the silence when I submerge myself within, then I get the feeling that I am one with the sea.

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  2. Being a photographer, I sometimes lose myself in taking photos. For myself, I think there is a fear that one day my memory will fail me. There is a part of me that feels pictures may be all that is left one day. When I can, I try to sit the camera down and soak it all in. Yesterday as I walked to the university, I was listening to a calling bird in the trees. I would stare and wobble along the road, as if I had been drinking. LoL! There was a girl walking behind me who I chat with at the library, she had seen what I was doing, lol. I asked her if I looked drunk? She said “no, just someone enjoying nature.” She does the same thing she told me… I am glad at times, my camera doe not follow me everywhere. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. I think it has to do with their perception of joy. Everyone enjoy the moment in different ways. But I have also seen people taking 100’s of selfies in a trip. It makes me wonder whether they are only travelling just to take selfies and not enjoying the beauty of the place they visit.(I think I have contrasted with my first statement :3)

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  4. Well said and keep enjoying the world around you. Last week I saw a person who was so super upset that they had to cloak a lense at an event (the lense was too big for them to take in). We tried to make some positive remarks and after having tried that with many people before the only thing I could think of was: Just enjoy it in real instead of through your lense. I first thought it would upset him but instead he looked at me, thought for a moment and then said how right I actually was. When he came back he was smiling and told me that he wasn’t as present for a long time as he was always trying to get that perfect shot instead of really enjoying what was going on. It’s not just the selfies with the iPhone and other devices. It’s the cameras too. People forget to be in the moment. To take it all in.

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  5. Such great thoughts. I especially loved that piece in which you described the feel of nature. Being a fan of nature myself, I totally agree with your post. Only a few months ago, we went to an educational trip to a hill station. There was this cliff, high atop and a chasm beneath with a small pool of a green lake. I just stood there, soaking in the beauty and loosing myself into the music of nature. Yet my friends only clicked selfies and giggled at their silly jokes. I am of this new technology generation, but I believe that its only making us restless. We need the peace of nature too.

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    • YES! Thank you! It makes me so happy that there are young adults out there like me, who like soaking the beauty in, filling the body with that gorgeous scenery) thanks for sharing your story too) very interesting to read))) ๐Ÿค—โค๏ธ

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  6. Really enjoyed this post and all of the deep thoughts attached in the comments! Makes you take a step back and ponder all things (if you have time of course) but in the grand scheme of things – we are but a speck in time………so enjoy the moments that you have each and every day!

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  7. Excellent pensive. I am a compulsive crazy pot just like the post describes. I need to feel and experience the moments and not feel mundane. It is very important for me to not feel mundane. And being passionate make me feel liberated. Kudos!

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