Can you think of an object which makes you shiver? Object (or maybe a pile of them) which brought you to the state where you are right now, which made you the person you are today? It is one of the tasks I found on the Internet and thought it was really interesting. I have to say it was quite a work to find one.

And only when I was in a pit, when I almost wanted to cancel doing this task my sight fell on a pile of magazines. It is very  hard to call them this way because I call them Bibles, or very important books. They are not just magazines. They are vintage Vogues. Old Vogues from the times when my dad was a fan of fashion photography and bought many of those. We have a variety of years, countries (cause it is being published in many parts of the world). They are not exactly vintage, they’ll become those in probably 30-40 years time, now they are just old, but for me they are special.

I remember myself looking through them when I was little and picturing how I am in there, on those glossy pages with those beautiful models working for some cool label (or maybe my own))).

There is another reason why they are important to me. Because when I was choosing the path of my life (I told a little bit about that in my first post) I looked through the ‘books’ and knew exactly where to go. My life may lead me anywhere and I may be doing something completely different from what I picture in my head today, but at least now I know where to submit my ‘forces’.

Funny story^

I have attended design school recently and one of the tasks was to cut patterns from the magazines and draw some sort of clothes on the base of them. I bought new magazines not to ruin the Vogues! ))  (not very funny tho, but still))

Thank you so much for reading)

What is your object of your love and trembling? What is it that makes you shiver???

(And please do not tell me it’s your phone…)

love you)






21 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I really loved this post. For me I think my object would be a toy rabbit that was made for me before I was born. I don’t know in what way or even if it has shaped my life, but it is very special to me and would be devastated if I lost it!

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  2. I love your posts so much :’)
    My object of love.. Hm. That’s a tough question. I’ve loved tech since I was a kid and you know what I wanted ever since I was a kid? A laptop. I got one very recently and I love it so much. I actually talk to it at times. I know it seems crazy. And I call it ‘babe’ sometimes too. And you know what the funny part is? I don’t care where I am, I always talk to her. When she’s throwing tantrums at me, I say, ‘Hey, I love you. Now help me out will ya?’ and she becomes normal again :3
    Basically, my laptop’s my object of love. I actually love it SO much.
    I know you said “Please dont tell me its your phone” and this is pretty similar to that, one might think, but.. Its just like this 😛

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  3. Hi hi…I think mine would be the CD’s I had while growing…I listened to a lot of westlife, backstreet boys, backstreet songs, love songs generally….I could sing every song and I grew up enjoying the music and news around it..learning real names of music artists and all…lovely memories…music has evolved now but I still have the same feeling towards music

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  4. Objects that made me shiver recently are the journals I wrote on when I was wee younger and all the tangible photographs I took and printed years ago.

    I remember writing random notes on different pieces of paper when I was younger. That habit made me write on journals I kept on losing. I get goosebumps when I discover them on days when I need to reflect on everything that ever happened in my life. Inside these journals are small photographs that I took and printed out.

    Me being me, I capture life from the eyes of any camera available. The moment might not feel the same way as it was captured, but what matters most is creating throwback portals called photographs. Adding this on my so-called journals gave me the ability to go back into time.

    Even writing this give me small shivers of awe. I guess that’s a feeling of gratefulness that I stumbled upon this post and remembered to reflect on those little things.

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    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m so glad I’ve written a post which made you think of those memories! This is the reason to have a blog! People share their stories and emotions, it’s incredible! Thank you again!! ❤


  5. As an adolescent I purchased an inexpensive disk film camera and took many, many photos with it. The photos I have are from summer camp, sleep overs with friends, and adventures on our family farm. Those images represent the events and places that helped define the person I have become. Many are blurry or have a poor tint but they all create crystal clear memories in my heart and mind. Thank you for this inspiring prompt.

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