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I’ve been going through some blogs recently and decided to write about a thing which worries me a lot.

Growing up I had many things to hate about my appearance. One of my biggest insecurities is (and always was) my nose. It has come to the extinct that I really want to make a plastic surgery and cut it off (well, not all of it obviously, just the bridge, that annoying thing, which I hate).

The world has changed really. I know that in the early 1990s the plastic surgery business was experiencing a huge blow up. Everyone from housewives to professional models felt the need to change the ‘nature’. Now, as the society has developed, the awareness of the natural beauty started spreading all over the world. I have a close friend, she lives in Canada and she is the one who got me thinking differently, She told me that weighing more than VS model is OK, that having something on your face is OK, that having greasy hair is OK, and all of that.

I have many friends thinking that they have to lose weight. Just cause they think they will look better, feel better etc. I do not think things will change. I believe it’s all in your head, by changing your appearance you won’t feel yourself better, you’ll still find something in your body which you ‘hate’. I am no difference, although I’d like to think I’m getting better, I still have those thoughts like: I’m not good enough, not skinny enough, not fit enough. I hate those thoughts, they make me unhappy.

We all are beautiful, we have to remember that! There’s no such thing as the definition of beauty (there is, but beauty is different to every human being). Wikipedia says:

Beauty is a characteristic of an animal, idea, object, person or place that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure or satisfaction.

Pleasure and satisfaction can arise in different circumstances. It depends on a human: what he/she likes, enjoys, what cultural background he/she has.

What I’m trying to say is: do not be obsessed with your personal appearance, do not think of how you look constantly. Try to find a few things you love about yourself.

You know what, let’s do it, let’s all find at least 10 things we love in our bodies! I’ll start:













Your turn! Name at least 10 things you love about your body!

Thanks a lot for reading! I love you!






38 thoughts on “confidence talk

  1. I agree and support your views on beauty, appearance and self-acceptance. Society has driven for many years what “THEY” feel is the perfect man or woman. The obsession with appearance=acceptance is a dangerous road to drive down. I was not found attractive or popular for my school years and even into adult years, but that changed… It happened when I found out that I am every bit as attractive as the men who were chosen over me, maybe even more so! Finding the ways to love yourself, brings new confidence and perspective! It is a hard path traveled but WORTH every step! For the record, you need not worry about beauty! 🙂 It is there! Your writing shows their is also an inner beauty, which cherries the top of the sundae.

    Now the 10 things I love about myself: eyes, hair, legs, shoulders, brain, heart, hands, eyelashes, chest and butt… LoL!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! It is si great that you’ve found beauty in yourself, some people never do and I find it very sad, that’s why I thought it’d be a good idea to spread some of my thoughts on the topic) glad you’ve enjoyed it) and again, thank you! And your 10 things are flawless) 😂 especially the last one🍑

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  2. Well… I like my eyes.. my mouth (especially after bracket system), my legs (when don’t pain), hair, skin, nails, posture, brain (u know I love to read a lot), my heels and boobies (of course:))

    I have a lot of things which I don’t like.. thank you for making me think good about my body!

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  3. You’re a beautiful woman! Right now it’s hard for me to find ten thing I love about myself. I still have the lasting effects of chemo (my hair is barely in, my nails have been destroyed, my joints ache, and my boob was out to kill me, etc). For now, I’m going to wimp out and say that I love myself as a whole and don’t spend time looking at individual parts.

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  4. You are beautiful !! Beauty cannot be judged on only specific criterions. Your Roman nose is just perfect !! And things I love about myself- My hair are pretty long and naturally straight. So I fiddle with them and admire them very much. 😊

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  5. Hiiii!!!
    Its coincidence or what idk. Growing up, I’ve been really conscious about my nose too. I have a deviated nasal septum because I got hurt on my nose when I was a kid and didn’t know I didn’t get it treated. Basically My nose is a little tilted towards my left. People made fun of me and I thought it made me look really bad so I got to the point where I just wanted to get it fixed no matter what.
    I went to docs and a few of them asked for a very high price and a few of them suggested me to not go through with it (apparently, its dangerous. There have been cases where people have died and also there were chances that my nose would be worse than it is now). This was around one year back. I remember having a fight with my dad because of this. He was like “I’m not losing you for a stupid nose operation that you don’t need” and I was like “I’d rather be dead than live in this body”.. Yeah stuff was messed up. xD I realised later tho that I dont care about it and people wont like/hate me based on my nose.
    Anyway, sorry again for the stupidly long boring comment. xD
    Oh btw, 10 things I hate about you is a damn good movie, you must watch it. 😛
    10 things I love about my body – Nails, Eyes, FIngers, Arms, Calf Muscles, Back, Feet, and then if it counts I’d like to add my heart (Not the muscle that circulates blood, I mean I’m sensitive so I try not hurt people and I love that), Brain, and my guts (Yeah, I know, again, not a body part xD Still.)

    PS. If its you in that featured pic, I really dont think you need to do anything with your nose. You’re pretty af. 🙂


  6. I love your aspiration to stir up self love in others! I truly believe that if more people learn to love themselves fully first, before attempting to fill anyone else’s cup, the world could be such a better place.
    I suppose I will list off the 10 things I like about myself while I’m here, positive affirmations 🙂
    -I like my: smile, eyes, hips, hands, hair, knees, nose, toes, vascularness, and dimples.
    (I made sure I threw some of my insecurities in there as well so I can love them more as well!

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    • Thank you so much for reading and fir such a lovely 😊 comment) and thanks for sharing things you like))) and btw, it’s a great idea to throw some of the insecurities in there) ❤


  7. This was an adorable reflection on a touchy but universal subject and your honesty and personal experience with insecurity really helps. We get so caught up in ourselves we forget how everyone has their own insecurities so instead of judging ourselves and one another we should be brought closer by our unique and quirky looks that make us self conscious but ultimately make us who we are. 🙂

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    • Yes! You basically summed up what I wanted to say in just one paragraph! Thank you very much! But you forgot one tiny thing.. name 10 things you looove about yourself) or maybe you don’t want?


  8. Love that you are leaning on natural beauty!

    As for me, growing up also means growing bigger. I was always the fat kid in the classroom. This separated me from the so-called hot boys in my high school. There was a time I lost a lot of weight and that’s when people started to notice me. I was enjoying all the attention until I realised none of those mattered.

    I’m still fat, well, thinner than before. But I saw the good things about myself. Although I’m still in the journey of losing weight, this time, for myself. For fitness and health.

    Anyway, here are parts of me that I love:

    1. Eyes
    2. Hands
    3. Collar Bones
    4. Cheekbones
    5. Legs
    6. Hair
    7. Stretch Marks (for some unknown reason)
    8. Battle Scars (gives off nostalgia)
    9. Feet
    10. Arms

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