So you know when you are soo hyped you can’t hold things in? When there’s something crazy (amazingly crazy) is going on in your life?

That’s exactly me in this moment. As you are reading this, I’m having (or I’d rather say experiencing) something which has never happened  in my life. I will soon tell.

To be honest, I’ve had many drafts of this post, because I didn’t really know how to present it. There haven’t been many days in my life when I couldn’t find words, when I had none.

This is that day. So, I’m just gonna tell you a story))


Quite a few months ago I wondered what is my aim in life. I thought what I wanted to do until the end of my days. And my sight fell on a pile of magazines in my room. (a little more in-depth I’ve talked about this in my inspiration post).

After thinking about it for a little bit, I asked my parents if that’s all right if I go to the fashion school to study for the fashion designer. They said YES! You can imagine how happy I was))

A few months passed and here I am, waiting for the Fashion Show! Although it’s not going to be only mine and I do not have a huge collection to present, I am truly happy and feel incredibly honored. In this show people who have studied with me will take part and I’m looking forward to see their creations))

Anyways, I have high hopes for this event and my future)


Here are some pictures of the outfits) Hope you’ll enjoy)







Thanks so much for checking it out) Please tell if you like it or not))

We all love you (by all I mean me and my girls-models, love ’em))


❤ ❤ ❤



26 thoughts on “marble

  1. Hey there… I second KetCage’s sentiments on getting worried about you. LoL! I want to congratulate you on not only following your dream but for the awesome results you produced! Being a lover of all that is dark [which is funny, I refer us back to one of your first comments about my blog 🙂 ] I think the designs are sexy and classy! GLAD to see you back and doing great things! 🙂

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