Thank you so-so much, my dear friend, KetCage, for nominating me for such a cool and original tag! Sorry for taking  so long to do this( Hope you don’t mind))

I’m so honored to be taking part in this journey and being friends with so many great bloggers! Love!!

The rules for this tag are:

  • Thank the person(people) who nominated you.
  • Answer their 11 questions.
  • Tag 11 people.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

KetCage‘s questions, my answers:

  1. Are you in love with someone? Tell me about it. Well, right now I’m not, sometimes I feel like maybe I have never been in love( It upsets me a lot, my on the other hand, we all have ‘the one’ (maybe) and hopefully I will meet this person someday)
  2. Do you like the rain? I love the rain SO MUCH! Really, I’m the kind of person who’s really happy when the weather is dull, the sky is grey nd it’s about to rain (if not already pouring). There’s just something magical in it, something which reminds me of Europe, which reminds me of Harry Potter (crazy fan))).
  3. What’s the one thing you can’t imagine life without? When I hear this question, I kinda clutch, I can’t imagine loving something sososo much that you cannot live without that object. It just seems weird to me, but if I’d to choose something very dear to my heart I’d go for (it stresses me out, I  don’t know what to type in here, sorry, if I remember something, I’ll insert it))
  4. Have you ever felt like the third wheel? Yes, surely, I feel like everyone did. I was an odd girl growing up, I didn’t have many friends in school, so when I tried to find new ones, I felt like people don’t want me there. But then, when I knew them a little closer, when we’ve spent some time together, I got comfortable and everything went good) I sometimes feel this way either, but since I’m not a little girl anymore, I feel ease faster (if I can say so))
  5. If you could go back in time with your current memory, would you? Do remember that every thing you change in the past will completely change your future. To be honest, I wouldn’t change a single thing! I’m very happy with my life right now and I believe that everything I have done or things which happened to me made me the person I am today. And I love that person))
  6. Who is your favorite artist? (Music) There are a lot of good music artists and bands that it’s really hard to choose. My fave song is ‘Clocks’ by Coldplay, but wouldn’t say they’re my fave band. Right now I like listening to easy music to get some rest, you know? So I prefer Dean Lewis, Michael Kiwanuka Conor O’Brien and others right now)
  7. Do you read books? What genre do you prefer? IF NOT, do you watch any TV shows?
    Common to both : Would you prefer a book over a movie or vice versa? It depends, actually. On many factors: my mood, the weather, the day etc. If a day is nice and sunny I’d prefer to go out, f it’s rainy I’d to read a good book. I do like reading books, I enjoy turning pages (yes, I prefer printed ones instead of eBooks or online versions), I really like picturing characters in my head and live a part of their lives) But I also like watching movies and TV shows A LOT.
  8. If there was one place you could be, where would you be? I would be in New York, USA. Or LA, because of Coachella!!
  9. If you were to get into a relationship with someone, would how his looks matter? I have to say, yes. I hate being that person, I guess I could write a whole post about it, but I do think it matters to me. And I’m not talking about the things which the person can’t change (or it’s hard to do so), I’m talking about the style, the sence of fashion maybe. It is important at first. But if it would be only thing I didn’t like it the person, I obv wouldn’t care))
  10. Tell me a little about the kind of person you’re in love with/wanna fall in love with. I want this person to be intelligent, kind, funny and stylish.
  11. Do you like adventures? Tell me a few of you adventurous experiences. IF NOT, What are your hobbies? I LOVE adventures! And although, there haven’t been many of those in my life, it still feels like life was filled with ’em. And I also feel like I have to say I’ve never had TV-shows-kind-of adventures. The one I think of right away is when me and my friend went to Austria, we’ve spent 2 weeks there and every day was a new journey!

Thank you so much, KetCage, for tagging me, I had so much fun answering those Q’s)))

I would like to tag These awesome bloggers:

KetCage I also want you answer my questions, you can simply do this in the comments below))

Gisele from Gold is from aliens)


Crazy Mind


Wanna Read My Mind


Underground motility

God’s perfect idiot

But why?


And here are my questions)

  1. What is your spirit animal and why?
  2. Do you prefer tea or coffee? If depends, on what? And what kind of: with milk, green, black etc.?
  3. Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
  4. When writing a blog post, do you prefer being along or you don’t mind company?
  5. What is your favourite piece of art? Or maybe you have a favourite artist?
  6. Does it bother you, when the quality of music is bad? Or you only care about the feel it gives and the lyrics?
  7. Where do you live? Where would you want to live?
  8. How do you feel about drinking? Is it bad, ok, or you don’t really care?
  9. Do you believe in having a talent or you can develop any skill you want (like in Sims)?
  10. Do you like driving a car? Do you have a licence? If yes (on both) hat car would you like to buy?
  11. What is your passion?

And that is it) Please answer these questions) I’d love to read everything in the comments)

Thanks for spending your time and reading this huge (feels like my biggest one, probably is)))

Love you,

you know I do.


❤ ❤ ❤


26 thoughts on “The Blue Sky Tag

  1. This tag really was fun, wasn’t it?!
    It’s alright!! You’re making your life all cool and stuff and I get that you’re busy with that.
    Yes there is a ‘the one’ for everyone (I said it confidently but even I’m hoping for the best) and I’m pretty sure you’ll meet an awesome person someday (This I’m actually sure of).
    HAHAHAHAH! I loved the 3rd answer!
    I’ve had the same feeling (4th Answer). Whoever isn’t your friend is definitely missing out on a lot of fun ^^
    I’m really very happy for you. I hope your life keeps getting better here on and you fall more and more in love with yourself.
    I’m gonna give a try to those songs!! 🙂
    OMG. Yes me too! I like keeping a collection of my own books. Hard copies. Its just not the same reading an eBook.
    I wanna go to New York someday and visit all the places I’ve seen in TV shows and movies!!
    Hmm! I hope you find the kinda person you’re looking for! 😀
    Going to Austria with your friends sounds like an adventure to me! 😀
    I’ll answer to the questions in my next comment so that the comment doesn’t become too overwhelming to read.
    Your answers were really fun to read. It’s fun getting to know stuff about other people this way!! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • I cannot express how much I love you right now! How the hell could I stop being here on WordPress for like a month and not talk with you, write you comments and read these masterpieces! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for coming into my life 💝


      • HAHA xD
        I had to write the same thing thrice!! I kept making mistakes and kept ripping the pages off. Also, I write very slowly when I have to maintain a good handwriting. So I can totally relate to you (since you spent about 3 hours) BUT YES. I had fun in doing this. It’s always fun to do these sort of challenges. =

        Liked by 1 person

      • I feel like such a doofus! The previous reply.. I thought we were talking about the handwriting tag >.<
        I'm so sorry!
        For this tag, I spent the maximum time thinking about the questions and even then, my questions were so freaking stupid xD I realised that after looking at the meaningful questions that other people have asked.
        Also, the blogger who had tagged me had asked this question which I took way too seriously and so I spent some time in answering to that.
        I enjoy answering to questions, specially if they're personal, you know? I love it when I have to think about myself. This really was a very fun tag for me.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hahah) yeah, I thought you firstly write your every post on paper, thought it probably takes lots of time😂 now I get you just didn’t get where you were writing)))
          Yup, the most time I spent on Qs too, that pressure that you have to come up with good ones)
          Your Qs were very deep and personal, are you kidding?))) they were cool! Don’t you worry)))

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Here are the answers to your questions. I hope you enjoy reading them even though some may seem to be really really stupid.

    1. My spirit animal is a donkey. You can laugh xD I just think they’re the most hard working animals and they never complain about the kinda load that’s on them. If every human were this hardworking, we’d have made a huge progress!
    2. Coffee with Milk. I love coffee!! I like almost all sorts of tea too (Only sweet ones though) but coffee is at a completely different level.
    3. Yesss. I hope it always stays this way!
    4. I prefer being alone. I like it when I can let myself let my feelings flow. This one time a friend had come over and she was doing something downstairs. When she came up, she saw me looking all sad. I didn’t wanna write the post in front of her so I closed the tab. She thought someone said something mean but in reality, all my feelings had become way too apparent and I don’t like to show my feelings to others. (hence the pen name)
    5. Art is a huge thing. I think making people laugh is an art too and so is story telling. Having said all this, don’t kill me but, I really have no idea what my favorite piece of art is or even who my favorite artist is.
    6. Yes, it matters too much to me if the quality of the song is bad. 320kbps or nothing xD Lyrics matter to me a lot too.
    7. I live in India. I wanna visit a lot of places but I’ve never thought about where I’d wanna live.
    8. I’ve read a lot about alcohol and I’ve learnt that alcohol has a lot of benefits if taken in small quantities. I don’t really care if people drink but I hate it when people drink too much and then cant control themselves and do stupid things. They risk other peoples lives or hurt other people. Other than that, as long as their not breathing into my nose, I don’t care xD I’ve never gotten drunk. I’ve had a few drinks with my friends. A few shots. I’ve seen my friends get drunk but I guess I have a tolerance. I don’t like alcohol at all, personally. 😛
    9. I believe that people have natural talents. It makes things easier for them.
    Some talents are really hard to develop but I don’t think its impossible for one to develop a talent. I hope I understood your question correctly.
    10. I prefer riding bikes over driving cars BUT, I enjoy driving cars too. Yes, I have a licence! 😀 I’m the kinda person who’s kind of conscious about the rate at which fossil fuels are being consumed hence, a Tesla Model S. If fuel wasn’t a problem I’d probably go with a Venom GT (I’d have to be rich af for either of them).
    11. I’m passionate about Computers and tech stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww) thank you for answering so fast! I like coffee with milk too! I prefer it over tea always) and, I won’t kill you for not knowing what’s your fave art piece, it doesn’t really matter) and you totally understood my 9th Q correctly)) you know what kinda car I want?) try to guess..)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Buggati Veyron?
        A VENOM GT TOO?!
        But you know what? You’re gonna get that car that you want. You will definitely. For the short time that I’ve known you for, I know you’re super hardworking and you don’t stop. It’s like, if you want something, you’ll do whatever it takes to get there. So yes, I’m sure you will get that dream car of yours and when you do, please let me drive it? :3


  3. Hey Summervinn 🙂 Thank you for adding me to the list of nominees. It might take me a bit to post it (exams) but I DEFINITELY will! I loved your HONEST answer concerning “looks” in regards to attraction. There needs to be some sort of attraction in terms of what we see, in a sense. It differs for everyone and that is what makes it special. Like they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” IMO, it is being able to find beauty in people; be it visual, spiritual, etc… I believe when it only revolves around look, money or materialism is when it can make the other person… Less attractive. LoL!

    Take care and wishing you the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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