Hollywood tries to tell us that in the future (like 50 years from now) people are going to become monsters who have no feelings and emotions, people who only care about their work and society in general. They claim that we will no longer love, we won’t marry each other, we will not hold a newborn in our hands (cause we won’t want to (try to say that 10 times faster)).

Long story short, they are telling us that in near future our society will step up and find itself on the new level of development: communism. It is up to you to decide if it’s good or bad.

I’m going to say that it is not possible to destroy feelings. Now at the era of money, people only REALLY care about their loved ones: parents, kids, relatives, friends.

I am reading a book right now which is called “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruiz Zafon and it tells a story of a young man. Actually, there are two of them. And the book is filled with forgotten emotions and hidden feelings. (Check it out, it’s soo good). And it got me thinking whether it is that important to stick to the script written by your parents? Or maybe you should try and risk everything for the sake of love?

What I’m trying to say is that money and all of the material objects will not matter when you’ll be thinking your life through, all you will remember are the people you loved, the people you’ve trusted and things you have done to change your life.

So go ahead, risk, make, do. Don’t wait for a sign (if you are waiting for it, then here it is)). Go love someone, start a work of life (for you, not for the money), GO!


Thank you for reading, loves!


PS I wanted to ask something. How would you like other type of posts, like fashion or makeup related? Cause I’m very passionate about those too (as well as thinking my life through))). And, what types of posts do you like the most? (deep ones, fiction, fashion, tips, life etc.) Please answer to that Q and the ones in the post above) Again, love you❤


15 thoughts on “what matters

  1. I loved the post as usual. I don’t believe feelings can be lost either. You’ll always love and care, or even be greedy and selfish no matter what we’re focusing upon.
    I’ll definitely try “The Shadow of the Wind”. Gotta be good if you’re suggesting 😀
    Yes, I think people should let go of all the scripts that others have written for them and must write their own script.
    I would love any type of post, tbh. Since you’re so passionate about fashion, please do such posts! I might learn a lot in the process.
    I LOVE deep posts. I try to write deep ones. And I love all the other types too but a lil lesser.
    I’m sorry for making the comment this huge again :3

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  2. Yep. So true. We are becoming a selfish society. “relationships are harder today because conversions are texts, arguments are phone calls, break ups are status updates.” {sigh}

    I prefer deeper posts like this. Anybody with insightful posts will always get a comment from me : )

    — Bless

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