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At school teachers always told us that social media, computers, gadgets, smartphones were very bad, that we as students and youngsters have to stay far away from those and never use them (we needed Internet to search fo projects tho). Older generation seems to hate everything new and interesting, I bet 50 years from now I will be the same.

But is it as bad as they tell us now? Let’s see..

Internet is information, information is knowledge, knowledge is life. Knowing stuff can actually make us smarter (although I have a few opinions on that, but that’s a different story). Internet helps us complete different school and work projects, it helps us communicate, find new friends and stay in touch with old ones. With that we can enjoy a movie in the comfort of our own home, which is great for some of us.

But it also has some down sides. For  example, not all  of the info in there (or here I’d rather say) is legit, you have to check it before using it somewhere. Also, the bad side of the World Wide Web is people. I’m talking about trolls, people whose goal in life is to make others feel bad. And they probably are the worst. But they aren’t the only ones who make our life harder. There are virus makers, hackers and all of those who want to take your data in order to get our money.

Religious people think that The Web is devils’ eye (or something like that, I don’t remember how they actually call it). But is it really? A devils’ eye? Or whatever? Is it? Really? I don’t think so.



What do you think? Is Internet that bad for us or is it a blessing? Let me know))

Anyways, thank you so much for reading)


Love yououuouou lots




5 thoughts on “social

  1. Like everything in life, the Internet also has its good sides and bad sides. Like you said, it allows us to communicate with our friends and keep us more connected with family that live farther away. We can learn information from it, and most of it is correct if and when you know what you are looking for. We can shop without leaving our houses which can be beneficial, but in my opinion it is still better to go to a shop and physically shop. It also has its bad side. For example, online books are nice but it is always better to have a physical copy of a book in your hand. As the Internet grows, more people are staying within their homes and not going out as much to drive-ins and cafes etc. Houses are growing with technology as well. In the past, houses were just for sleeping and eating. Now they have cinema rooms, swimming pools, kitchen appliances where people can look up a fancy recipe online and cook it without going to a restaurant.

    I couldn’t live without the Internet forever, but I can live without it for some time if I need to. I still prefer some of the old fashioned things but the Internet is a great thing when it is all smooth sailing. Sorry for this comment being so long hahah

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