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You know when someone writes too good you just can't stop reading it? I didn't think I will be able to find a book that easy to read since Harry Potter. I read HP when I as approximately 10 y.o. If you have read it, you know it's just impossible to put down. But I…Read more 0 to 1


Uni (: finding new friends

Imagine yourself being ripped out of your usual environment, pasted into a new circle of people with new rules, new aims, new everything. Imagined? Well, this is exactly what pretty much every university/college student goes through. It is hard. And to make it even harder some prefer going to a college in a different country, state,…Read more Uni (: finding new friends

Dragons within: fashion project

Hey everyone! Thank you for clicking to see the blog or the post) Love! Ok! So, I think I've told you I'm really interested in fashion design and apparel making process. That is the reason I've been going to different courses, schools etc. At the new school which I go to right now we have…Read more Dragons within: fashion project

meeting the one online

Hey!!! Long time no see, right? Missed me? I surely missed you! Let's talk about dating, shall we? I have always wanted to find the one, as any human, I suppose, but since I don't really go to different clubs and stuff, I figured I should try online dating sites. I thought it was a…Read more meeting the one online


"If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it's lethal" What do people think of when they hear the  word 'summer'. I feel like they have water, fun, friends and adventures on their minds. If I'm wrong, please tell me what you think of... Months before the hot season people get ready to it: we…Read more summer


Instagram Facebook Twitter Snapchat Tumbrl WordPress.. There are so many.. At school teachers always told us that social media, computers, gadgets, smartphones were very bad, that we as students and youngsters have to stay far away from those and never use them (we needed Internet to search fo projects tho). Older generation seems to hate…Read more social